Add more brilliance! Yaham outdoor corner LED screen, dress up the style of Jian

With the rapid development of the information age, the form of video conferencing has become a product of the development of the new era. LED high-definition display screens have a tendency to replace projectors, DLP, LCD, etc., to become mainstream products in the future market, and are widely used in information conference mode.

The fast, convenient, and clear effects brought by the large high-definition conference screen are becoming more and more obvious, and they are gradually emerging in conferences in various fields.


In the process of replacing old and new technologies, the yaham Yaboard series of conference screens, which are both high-value and cost-effective, reduce the trouble of purchase for customers with the simple choice of standard sizes and the best quality, prompting new LED conference screens to be updated. In order to enter the thousands of meeting rooms popularly, promote the transformation and upgrading of meeting scenes.

Recently, yaham Yaboard series conference screens were successfully lit up in Shenzhen Merchants Shekou Prince Plaza. This is a comprehensive project integrating LED display system, video conference system, audio conference system, and paperless office system.


China Merchants Shekou Prince Plaza Project

One screen with multiple displays, intelligent split screen, supports multiple windows in the same frame, full scene coverage, and can join meetings anytime and anywhere. One device can realize full scenes and full functions, opening a new era of conference room solutions.

Similarly, Nanjing Huawei Honor has added a new favorite, the multi-functional meeting room LED display is delivered and used. This project is mainly used for video conferences, collaborative office, and external remote meetings of Huawei Honor internal and local related work.


Huawei Honor Showroom in Nanjing

Combined with the network development in the Internet age, collaborative office, multi-site interconnection and interaction, and multi-site remote meetings have become the current trend. Breaking the shackles and restrictions, simplifying the complex, building a digital meeting space, and realizing efficient collaboration.

A conference display is also connected to the Hefei Wantong Building. With the excellent display effect of the LED display, it is mainly used in various medium and large conference rooms, lecture halls, multi-function halls, etc., which is truly integrated, intelligent and convenient. Efficient meetings.


Hefei Wantong Building Meeting Room

yaham conference solutions are widely used in professional conference scenes in various industries. LED display screens are clear and true as the carrier of information presentation, flexible and convenient as transmission and expression tools, and are able to shine in the conference field.

yaham Optoelectronics adheres to the concept of creative customization. Aiming at the peculiarities of different projects, it creates professional creative solutions for customers, and tailors LED displays for different meeting rooms to meet customer needs in an all-round way.


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