P1 Series

Reaching new heights in sporting digital signage.


According to the latest UEFA standards, P1 series perimeter screen is Yaham’s upgrade of design and function. The new design fully considers the application characteristics of sports advertisers. It highlights the features of fast installation, high reliability and convenient maintenance, which greatly saves the time cost for customers. Meanwhile, double-sided advertising and virtual advertising functions of the screen help further improve the advertising efficiency and income of customers.

High protection level

With IP65 protection level, the screen can operate stably in all kinds of bad weather. Protective top and bottom of cabinet prevent damages during transportation and disassembly.

Fast installation

and convenient maintenance
For reducing customers’time cost, Yaham cabinet design is of light weight, featuring fast installation and convenient maintenance.
Modules, power boxes and other components can be installed and disassembled quickly.
The simple cables connection also helps to achieve fast maintenance. Further more, the cabinet includes power supply redundancy, sending box back-up, improving the reliability and stability of the cabinet.

Real-time moniter

Every cabinet is equiped with a built-in sensor, which could monitor temperature, voltage and running time, moreover, the sensor could also analyse every component and report the working status

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