R0 Series

Exceeding the highest televised standards

Paired with the best IC, the Yaham ribbon brings you spectacular speed and responsiveness to furtherenergize the fan experience,and with the minimum refresh rate of 4000Hz and the gray scale of 16 bits,it could enable the high-speed camera to capture any detail played on the displaybut without appearing any scanning line while the game is on air.

All components accessible and serviceable from the top.

Power and signal cables housed within the cabinet and accessed through

the side openings to ensure a safe and neat appearance.

IP65 rear sealed module protects against the harshest of weather extremes and ideal for all environments.

Aluminium outer profile delivers a smooth, professional and consistent finish.

Installation and individual cabinet fixing of the Yaham LED Ribbon Boards to the

mid-tier or upper terrace facias simplified with a two hook design .

Yaham LED displays for the outdoor sports supply area only use UV-resistant SMD

delivering 140º/140º viewing angles.Paired with the best IC model, a minimum refresh

rate of 4000 Hz and a grey scale of 16 bits .Each diode also benefits from an equal louvre

top and bottom surround design to enhance filming ,ensuring the uniform image distribution

is fully compatible with the camera and delivers the ultimate TV viewing experience.

The Yaham redundancy design system ensures broadcast efficiency

and reliability to guarantee uninterrupted advertising.

EMC standards and certification achieved though exacting build qualities, research,

development, investment and engineering experience.

Point-by-point chroma correction eliminates chroma and

colour differential across different diode batches.

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