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Design scheme of LED display system for sports events

The stadium LED screen is mainly composed of the central bucket screen (indoor optional) and the display body of the timing and scoring screens at the north and south ends, display controller, control computer, accessory equipment, optical fiber/6 cable, audio and video equipment and control , Image monitoring equipment playback software, control software, etc., to achieve high-quality video playback. The display screen system takes the controller as the core, accepts video signals or computer signals and intelligent system information, and transmits it to the screen display by optical fiber after digital processing.

Dynamic display design

Yuanheng Sports Machinery’s bucket screen adopts a 3D motion structure, so that the screen body can be flexibly raised and lowered according to the actual needs of the venue during operation. It is unique in design and interprets the LED display art vividly.
The sports effects that change according to the atmosphere of the scene, combined with on-site audio-visual special effects, create an interactive immersive experience for the audience. The brand-new display method and the atmosphere of the stadium will bring the audience a multi-sensory experience and a strong visual impact.
During the competition, advertisements can be inserted in all directions and in various forms. The high-definition and smooth picture quality and the screen movement not only give new vitality to the advertising content, but also highlight the advertising value of the display screen and bring greater advertising revenue to customers.

Timing, scoring and control system

The standard scheme of LED display in basketball stadiums is designed according to the domestic regular basketball competition stadiums. Through the cooperation of multiple systems of software and hardware, it can complete the on-site timing and scoring operations of basketball games, display of team player and referee information, advertisement and temporary notice interruption, as well as game timing, 24-second timing, score stacking and many other functions. Ideal for small and medium-sized stadiums.

Intelligent lifting system

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